Our Solutions Leave Nothing to Chance

WE HAVE APPLIED OUR 40 YEARS of experience to develop the Membership Lifecycle—a five-step marketing model that identifies the fundamental building blocks of sustainable membership growth.

  • Awareness when prospects first discover you
  • Recruitment when prospects choose to try you
  • Engagement when new members feel they belong with you
  • Renewal when lapsing members decide whether to keep you
  • Reinstatement when former members agree to return to you

Used partially or as a whole, MGI’s five-step Membership Lifecycle has proven to be an effective model for designing customized membership growth strategies and solutions.


Solutions for Membership Organizations in Need…

MARKETING GENERAL INCORPORATED is asked to step in when membership organizations have…

  • Too little expertise. Membership growth may have stalled or staggered requiring a reassessment of programs and solutions.
  • Too few resources. Organizations or their budgets may be too small to field a capable marketing team to execute successful programs.
  • Too much to do. Staff may be too busy to pay proper attention to the need for membership programs that deliver growth.

MGI assigns each client a team equivalent to a full-time marketing department to manage branding, research strategy, creative development, graphic design, production, and results analysis.

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