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The Challenge

In 2006, the business aviation industry faced legislative and regulatory changes that would have imposed substantial user fees and restrictions on their access to airports. The industry turned to the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) for help to meet these threats. NBAA knew that membership growth would increase the effectiveness of the association’s voice and set an ambitious long-term membership goal, partnering with us to make that goal a reality.

The Solution

As a trade association, NBAA needed to reach multiple individuals from the same company to build a consensus to join. To accomplish this, we implemented an omnichannel marketing strategy with a focus on direct mail to reach a broad range of key players who could influence companies’ deliberations regarding membership. Another crucial component of the strategy was content marketing, which expanded the prospect database by offering relevant white papers in exchange for respondents’ contact information. A third piece of the puzzle was telemarketing calls to lapsed members. This boosted reinstatement rates and kept the overall membership count trending upward.

The Result

The results were that, after little more than a decade, NBAA membership had grown from 6,000 to 11,000 companies, and the association was able to very effectively make its case before Congress in support of members’ businesses.

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