• Best Practices Membership Marketing Program (Acquisition + Retention)
  • Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy, including Digital Marketing
  • Testing-driven Successes

The Challenge

ANA Membership approached MGI in 2011 following a precipitous membership decline. They wanted to rebuild and grow membership. They understood this would require disciplined, aggressive membership marketing.

The Solution

  • To drive membership growth, we implemented a best practices, multi-channel marketing strategy that (1) incorporated digital advertising, direct mail, and email, (2) leveraged data, and (3) invested in innovation and testing.
  • Over time, we grew both the digital and direct mail/email programs to become powerful new member growth engines.
  • Advanced data analytics, including predictive modeling, has enabled us to maximize productivity of ANA’s very large housefile.

The Result

Working in partnership with the ANA Membership team since 2011, our efforts have driven much of the 87% net growth of joint membership.

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