Case Study – IMA

50% Growth in Qualified Leads

IMA, the Association for Accountants and Financial Professionals in Business, needed a pool of qualified prospects to help build its membership base. Management accountants are a niche market and direct mail campaigns were yielding poor results due to the wide range of accounting and finance job titles, which made identifying and targeting appropriate prospects difficult.

Intellilead Feeds Prospect Pipeline

Finding qualified leads via direct mail can be costly. Instead, MGI used its proprietary online lead generation program, IntelliLead, to source prospects.

We created and implemented an online awareness and lead generation campaign using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google search and content network advertising. The program was followed up with an aggressive email campaign encouraging prospects to become IMA members.

Having prospects raise their hands of their own accord rather than seek them out and by offering free online content in exchange for contact information, we were able to deliver more than 70,000 qualified leads—an increase of 50% over previous efforts. More importantly, lead conversions increased by 30% as a direct result of our efforts.

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