Case Study – SHRM



From 36,000 Members to Over a Quarter Million

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) engaged MGI in the late 1980s to help it with an ambitious goal: to be the largest HR association in the world. Since that time, MGI has continuously partnered with SHRM to steadily grow its membership and make what was once an aspiration a reality.

We continue our long-running partnership with MGI because they are industry experts in membership, they provide an excellent team-based working environment, and consistently deliver the results we need to achieve our growth goals.

A Long-Term History of Gains

SHRM and MGI have relied primarily on direct mail acquisition campaigns to drive new members. These efforts have evolved over the years to include nearly 300 different segmented lists, data modeling techniques, lapsed member initiatives, utilization of client prospect files, and the continuous evaluation of new data sources to accurately identify the most likely prospects. We also test different package designs and concepts as well as offer testing with new member incentives to maximize returns of both time and money.

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