CFP Board


  • Certification Marketing
  • Omnichannel Marketing Strategy
  • Candidate Engagement and Cultivation

The Challenge

CFP Board approached us in 2012 for help increasing the number of CFP® professionals nationwide. In order to accelerate growth, CFP Board engaged us to develop and monitor lead generation and engagement programs that would help prospective candidates understand the “why” behind earning certification and support them throughout their journey.

The Solution

In collaboration with CFP Board, we implemented an omnichannel marketing strategy, incorporating email, direct mail, digital advertising, and telemarketing efforts. We built a data warehouse which integrated lead, prospect, and certificant information and enabled us to develop reporting track results across the program.

In addition, we conducted research that helped us understand candidates’ needs and pain points so that we could help them to keep moving forward toward earning certification. With data and testing results to build on, we worked together with CFP Board to identify winning strategies and implement them in the ever-evolving marketing program. And as the program grows more sophisticated, we continue to test new online channels, new formats, and new combinations of touchpoints in order to effectively reach each candidate with the right information at the right time.

The Result

Since the beginning of our partnership in 2012, CFP Board has had consistent yearly growth. The total number of CFP® professionals has increased from 67,000 to over 97,000 and annual CFP® exam registrations have increased by 150%.

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