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The Challenge

As a global membership organization with certification requirements, ICF needed a way to effectively generate leads from diverse prospects without wasting resources. They needed to target potential prospects both nationally and internationally, providing unique messaging depending on prospect eligibility.

The Solution

In collaboration with the ICF team, various landing pages were developed that hosted free content offers. Paid digital advertising across multiple social platforms was deployed to attract prospective ICF members to sign up for this free content. As a component of the offer page, prospects self-identified as qualified or non-qualified for membership based on education requirements. Leads went into one of two cultivation series – a Membership series for those who were qualified and an education series for those who needed to further meet the prerequisites for membership.

The Result

In the 2 years since its launch, the lead generation campaign has generated 27,000 qualified leads with a membership conversion rate near 4.25%. Additionally, the program generated 48,000+ non-qualified leads for cultivation to membership, over time, which is now the pipeline of potential membership candidates.

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