Every month, MGI's Tipster focuses on topics that matter most to those involved in organizational membership. Here's a sampling of just some of the subject areas we've recently covered:

  • Do you know the basics of buyer behavior and how they apply to direct marketing?
  • Remarketing campaigns have become more commonplace and are a highly effective tool for engaging your association's audience.
  • News Alert: The majority of your association's prospects will NOT join for many reasons from the message your association portrays to the simple fact that most individuals are NOT joiners. Your association, though, can thrive just fine on 1/10th of a percentage point rate of return!
  • Are you dependable about keeping in touch? Many of us are and many are not. But for your organization, keeping in touch with your members is essential. The more two-way communications an organization has with its members, the more engaged they will be.
  • At Marketing General Incorporated, testing, testing, testing helps us improve our most successful promotions and better our clients' best results. A disciplined approach is the best way to learn about your market and optimize results. Not too different from tweaking a recipe to perfection!
  • …and many more.

The Tipster is written by our marketing experts on topics that flow from problems association marketers are currently confronting. Refer to the index below to find a specific issue. The Tipster is relevant, interesting, well-written…and it's free!

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