May 04, 2020   |   Vol. 19   |   Issue 5
By Rebecca Rubin, MGI Account Director

Yes, Marketing is Working. It’s Just A Matter of How, What, and Where.

We’re being asked, “So what’s working?” on a daily basis. As associations strive to keep revenue coming in the door while being sensitive to the challenges their members and prospects are facing, marketing efforts are still realizing good results.

Here’s what we’re seeing work:

Telemarketing. People are eager for human connection, and we’re seeing it reflected in our telemarketing efforts. MGI’s telemarketing team is seeing higher contact rates; even or increased close rates; and a willingness and desire to engage in conversation.

We’ve helped clients update acquisition, renewal and check-in call scripts to be sensitive to the changes within their industries and the challenges their members are facing, while articulating what “relevant right now” resources the association is providing to help. Telemarketing is also quick and easy to launch, results can be read in near real-time and you can make changes as needed.

Virtual events. We continue to promote webinars and virtual events on behalf of our clients and many are seeing record response. Virtual opportunities are engaging current members, generating new leads, and converting prospects as people seek highly relevant online learning and networking opportunities. If you’ve never used one of your member-only webinars for lead generation before, now is the time to start.

Unsurprisingly, anything that helps people navigate all of the new challenges they are facing is especially popular.

Paid digital advertising. In our recent podcast we talked about how paid digital continues to prove its value. Ad inventory is up, cost per click is down, and everyone is spending a lot of time online, meaning we’re seeing increased engagement on ads. Like with all other marketing today, your advertisements need to set the right tone and speak to how whatever you’re offering is immediately useful and helpful.

With your budget dollar going farther, it’s also a good time to run testing within your digital campaigns.

If you want more information on marketing that’s working, you’re stalled out on your programs, or need help assessing what channels and messaging will prove most effective right now, reach out to Rebecca Rubin, Account Director at or at 703-706-0395.

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