April 16, 2024   |   Vol. 23   |   Issue 4
By Jana Darling, MGI Vice President of Client Services

The ABCs to Optimize Your Retargeting Strategy

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, the online presence of your association plays a pivotal role in attracting new members and driving event attendance. However, the challenge lies not just in bringing traffic to your website, but in engaging those visitors effectively and converting them into active participants within your association. That’s where a crafted retargeting strategy comes into play, allowing you to re-engage with past website visitors and boost conversion rates. Here are three expert tips to supercharge your association’s website retargeting strategy for membership growth and event success:

Audience Segmentation

Long gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all marketing approach. To ensure maximum impact, segment your audiences based on their behavior and interests. By creating distinct campaigns tailored to specific audience segments – such as visitors who explored membership benefits or browsed event details–you can deliver personalized messages and offers that resonate with their needs and preferences. For one client, we implemented both a Google search campaign and an AdRoll retargeting campaign for a conference. While the Google campaign consistently directs traffic to the conference site, the AdRoll campaign effectively targets prospects who have previously shown interest, resulting in 60% of our total conversions (conference registrations) for the campaign. Ensuring potential conference attendees are repeatedly exposed to marketing messages is key. The principle of the “rule of seven” underscores that encountering these messages seven times or more can substantially sway their decision to attend.

Build an Optimized Landing Page

Your retargeting efforts are only as effective as the landing pages they lead to. Ensure that each landing page is tailored to the specific audience segment and delivers a seamless user experience. Clearly communicate the value proposition of membership or event participation and make registration forms or calls-to-action easily accessible. Consider incorporating compelling social proof with reviews and video testimonials to instill trust, credibility, and a fear of missing out with your potential members and attendees.

Compelling Ad Creative

In today’s crowded online advertising space, capturing attention is an art form. You want ad creative that will stop scrollers in their tracks. This can be done with eye-catching visuals, persuasive language, and a crystal-clear call to action. By showcasing the unique benefits of membership and the compelling reasons to attend your events, you’ll ignite curiosity and drive engagement (and conversions) from your target audience.

And, of course, never overlook the importance of tracking and analyzing campaign performance regularly. This allows you to pinpoint areas for improvement and fine-tune your strategy for optimal results along the way. In conclusion, a well-crafted retargeting strategy is essential for enhancing your association’s online presence and driving meaningful engagement. Always prioritize running a PPC retargeting campaign to reconnect with your website visitors and stay top-of-mind. While event promotions may vary throughout the year, focusing on membership and awareness should be a year-round effort. At the very least, make sure you’re consistently running retargeting campaigns to re-engage your site visitors to help pave the way for sustained growth and success.

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