February 15, 2023   |   Vol. 22   |   Issue 2
By Rebecca Turner, MGI Sr. Account Executive

How to Write Copy Your Audience Will Read

We all know that our audiences are inundated with more information than they can keep up with. How do you get your message across in overflowing inboxes?

The most important key is your call to action (CTA). Whether you’re creating a mail campaign, an email, or an online ad, the CTA should be immediately obvious. It should answer the question: What do you want your recipient to do? Do you want them to renew a membership? Purchase a product? Make that action clear!

Other ways to make sure you get your point across:

  • Position your CTA at the top of your communication. Don’t make your audience scroll down to find the point–many of them won’t!
  • Use formatting (bullet points, headlines, bold copy, etc.) to highlight points you don’t want your audience to miss.
  • Simplify! Don’t bury your main point in a paragraph of background information. Cut down your copy so that it’s relevant and focused.

Once you’ve identified your key CTA, you also need to make sure you’re communicating value. Why should your audience do what you’re asking? Your copy needs to show how your membership, event, or product is meeting your audience’s needs and making their life better. Demonstrate a problem or a gap, then offer a solution.

As you’re writing, consider your audience. Are they highly educated scientists, or busy teachers checking email in between classes? Your communications should always be professional, but the language you use should match your audience and your association.

Finally, evaluate and fine-tune your copy. Your audience is likely to spend only a few seconds skimming your communication. Use short, clear sentences to help your readers quickly grasp your message. Break up long paragraphs to avoid big blocks of text, which many people will skip. Cut out extra words and use direct, active language that gets straight to the point.

Looking for more help in reaching your audience? MGI has years of experience developing and implementing effective copy across a wide range of marketing channels. Feel free to reach out to Michelle Peterson, Senior Account Director at mpeterson@marketinggeneral.com to learn more about how MGI can meet your association’s needs.

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