September 29, 2020   |   Vol. 9   |   Issue 19
Todd Michaels, MGI Vice President

Digital Campaigns Deliver Registration Success for Virtual Conferences

You’re well on your way to creating a virtual conference event that delivers a valuable experience, but how can you be sure you’re maximizing attendance?

Now more than ever, digital marketing campaigns make sure your members and prospects see the value of attending–and have ample chances to register. Digital campaigns are cost effective, can be optimized in real-time, and generate great ROI.

Leverage Current Opportunities

Digital campaigns are well positioned to help you take advantage of two current trends related to virtual conferences.

First, digital remarketing campaigns target the increased traffic on your website as members visit to learn about the conference, to see programmatic updates, and to stay on top of developments.

Second, search campaigns capture the increase in traffic as people look for virtual learning opportunities; make sure they learn about your conference!

Tailored to Meet Your Specific Needs

Every situation is unique, and one approach or even the same channels do not fit every virtual conference. With so many digital options out there including retargeting, custom audiences, search campaigns, lookalike options, and more, it’s important to know which platforms and methods are best suited to reach your target audience within your budget parameters.

MGI’s enhanced testing and reporting deliver real-time information we use to make recommendations and adjustments throughout the life of the campaign to deliver optimal performance and a clear view of revenue and ROI. Reports are delivered weekly and summarized monthly so effective messaging can be altered quickly.

Campaign Success

Digital campaigns work. In just the past few months MGI helped a client partner leverage increased search activity to generate over $100,000 in revenue with an investment of $10,000 in paid search marketing. In another instance a remarketing campaign generated over $70,000 in registration revenue on an investment of $7,000. Your members and prospects feel increasingly comfortable turning to virtual events for information, knowledge, and education.

Although we are focusing on digital here, it’s always wise to use other marketing channels to support the digital campaign. Telemarketing, direct mail, and email marketing are all channels that work well together to reinforce your message, build awareness, and register more virtual attendees.

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