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Many experts guard their hard won knowledge. At Marketing General Incorporated, we share it. For free, we:

  • Gather membership marketing survey data and publish the only Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report of our industry,
  • Publish the Tipster, our monthly e-newsletter,
  • Broadcast hot-topic Webinars,
  • Speak at conventions and shows,
  • Conduct training sessions
  • And, regularly publish white papers on topics important to membership marketing.

Our white papers are designed to be informative, handy, easy to read, and easy to keep as reference information. Over the years, we have developed dozens of White Papers on a variety of membership marketing topics.

2022 Association Economic Outlook Report

Download your free copy today of our 3rd edition of the Association Economic Outlook Report. The research provides insight into a powerful economic rebound that associations anticipate for 2022.


Associations Evolve 2022 & BEYOND

Tony Rossell, MGI Senior Vice President, contributed to this collection of articles from top thought leaders in the global associations space. Download your free copy today.


Fall 2020 Association Economic Outlook Report

Download your free copy today of our 2nd edition of the Association Economic Outlook Report. 541 association executives provided insights into the state of the association world in our latest poll.


Association Economic Outlook Report

Download your free copy of MGI’s Association Economic Outlook Report. 373 association employees form the basis of our latest research that dives into the industry’s recession monitoring, preparedness, and outlooks on weathering a recession.


Guide to Membership Marketing Metrics

Download your free copy of MGI’s Guide to Membership Marketing Metrics. Though some might appear simple, these calculations matter to your bottom line.


MGI Membership Renewal Guide

Download your free copy of MGI’s Membership Renewal Guide. Get strategies and answers to the most asked questions to help you keep more members.


10 Things to Remember When Conducting Research

A few informational tips that can be used as a guideline when conducting membership research.


Copy That Sings: Writing Effective Copy

For many of us, writing direct mail copy can be a challenge. How to start? What to say? How to say it? This White Paper may help. In it we review process, tone, style, structure, design, and content in a series of brief articles to be an easy read.


100 Super Marketing Hints

Following on the popularity of our first Hints volume, we have compiled dozens of additional suggestions, recommendations, and general advice for those involved in direct marketing.


100 Super Hints Revealed

In our 35 years of assisting hundreds of associations and nonprofits to grow their membership and revenue, MGI has learned a few things about direct marketing.

In this pamphlet we share 100 tips, from copy to offers to prospecting to research. You will probably find some tips you already know about and some you don't, but all of them should be helpful in the quest for knowledge that leads to better marketing and stronger results.


The MGI Lifecycle White Paper

The MGI Membership Lifecycle helps organizations adopt a comprehensive, integrated approach to membership marketing. It combines five basic marketing strategies that, when linked, can significantly improve success finding new members, keeping current ones, and returning lapsed ones.

Think of the Lifecycle as a general framework around which organizations can build marketing programs customized to best suit their needs and mirror the needs of their target markets.


The Optimized Membership Program

What if your only mandate was to grow membership based on sound marketing principles? Membership development starts with search engine optimization.


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