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New Economic Report Reveals Associations Have Optimistic Outlook

April 12, 2022

A new report from Marketing General Incorporated shows that associations’ resilience in crisis is being rewarded and that groups are anticipating a strong economic resurgence that includes increased member numbers and renewals.


20 Ideas to Increase Member Engagement With a Multi-Channel Strategy

March 3, 2022

According to a Marketing General Incorporated benchmarking report, 50% of associations reported that members do not renew their membership due to a lack of engagement. That’s why membership engagement has always been one of the top priorities for the leadership in associations. It’s important to recognize that different members prefer to engage in different ways, and their pattern of content consumption may vary. To help better align your engagement strategy across the multitudes of channels your members might prefer, we’d like to offer up 20 ways to boost your membership engagement across different marketing channels.


Why Closing the Skills Gap Is a Huge Opportunity for Associations

February 15, 2022

The need for professional development and programs to acquire new skills jumped during the pandemic. However, there is still a significant skills gap in the workforce. Now is an excellent time to help members and boost non-dues revenue too.


New Report Sheds Realistic—and Promising—Light on Membership

July 20, 2021

Marketing General Incorporated’s annual report on membership has some predictably dire findings. But there are also lots of positive trends and revelations about how associations weathered a mighty storm and never lost sight of meeting member needs.


Should You Increase Membership Dues?

April 13, 2021

Raising membership dues is rarely an easy decision, and the past year’s complications have made it even more difficult. Anecdotal and statistical evidence shows associations are holding off on raising dues right now, mindful of members’ struggles.


How an Association Rebounded, Turning Challenges Into Progress

March 30, 2021

A new CEO saw opportunity in multiple challenges and brought about real change—including a significant boost in membership and initiatives to dismantle systemic racism in higher education. Here are insights into how he achieved an ambitious agenda.


Has your brand plateaued? Move forward with these six strategies

February 25, 2021

When your branding hits a plateau, it’s time for a change. Six members of Business Journals Leadership Trust share their tips for how to assess and improve your branding when it is no longer effective.


Seven Strategic Ways to Stay on Top of Marketing Industry Trends

January 6, 2021

The marketing industry is constantly changing, and professionals must take steps to stay current if they hope to remain competitive. As a marketing leader, you want to stay on top of industry trends, bringing the best ones to your team and company. Members of Business Journal Leadership Trust recommend taking a strategic approach to monitoring the marketing landscape.


Leverage Micro-Communities to Build Membership Affinity

December 21, 2020

Find out how building smaller communities among your members and strengthening loyalty to your brand increases member retention and helps you meet the goals of your member engagement strategy.


Seven Cost-Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

December 9, 2020

An online marketing strategy has become a necessity for every business, especially in the current age of social distancing and remote work. To help you reach your audience without breaking the bank, we asked a panel of Business Journals Leadership Trust members to share some effective digital marketing strategies on a budget.


Career Resources Keep Members Engaged in Tough Times

November 24, 2020

Listening to member needs, especially during turbulent times, helps in providing responsive and relevant programs. One association’s updates to a members-in-transition program are helping members stay engaged, even though their employment status has changed.


A New Report Shows What Members Value Most

November 10, 2020

Members continue to engage with their associations, even in crisis, according to a new report, which reveals a surprise top member benefit and another that is rapidly emerging. Here are some insights to light the way forward.


Member Outreach, Engagement, And Innovation Stay Strong Amid Pandemic

October 27, 2020

Despite the challenges associations are facing, they are still evolving, shaking off barriers to innovation, and improving messaging and internal efficiency to meet member needs in a more responsive–and empathetic–way, according to a new report on the economic outlook for associations.


The Power Of The Membership Relationship

October 27, 2020

Membership serves as a mutually beneficial relationship between an individual and an organization.


Associations Build Membership Resilience Through Innovation

October 6, 2020

A recent report found that associations that are focused on innovation have had more success in growing membership and meeting other challenges in the current environment–and overall. Here are three key reasons why.


Engage Lapsed Members With The Right Emails

September 25, 2020

To win back lost members, associations need to craft communications with a tone, structure, and messaging that reinforce the value of membership.


Member Dues Installment Options are a Win-Win

September 22, 2020

The pandemic has forced associations to reevaluate lots of processes, and that includes how they collect membership dues. With no one in offices to receive paper invoices, online installment payment options look like they are here to stay—which is a good thing.


Tips for Growing Membership in a Pandemic—and Beyond

September 1, 2020

Bringing in new members with a health crisis in full swing and the economy reeling sounds pretty daunting. But it is possible, according to an expert who sees hope for associations amid adversity.


Daily Buzz: A Membership Marketing Playbook for Challenging Times

May 14, 2020

When marketing to members during a crisis, focus on providing value. Also: how to offer quality customer service when members can’t reach you in person.


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