Our research products align with the five stages of the MGI Membership Lifecycle:


When prospects first discover you.

  • Brand Assessment Research helps organizations identify what their brand actually conveys to the marketplace compared to what members and non-members believe it should convey.
  • Industry Issues Poll evaluates how well an organization is perceived to perform its role as influencer and thought leader in touch with issues in its specific industry or profession.


When prospects choose to try you.

  • Value Proposition Research helps pinpoint the products and services members demand if the organization is to be of lasting value.


When new members feel they belong with you.

  • Awareness and Usage Studies enable organizations to understand which products and services members recognize, the ones they actually use, and why they value them.
  • Indispensability and Needs Assessments help organizations identify their most important member benefits and evaluate how well they are delivering them.


When lapsing members decide whether to keep you.

  • Best Practices Studies uncover the degree to which members rely on their organizations for professional learning and reveal what offerings should be made available to improve on the value of membership.


When former members agree to return to you.

  • Pricing Studies define where cost thresholds begin and end as a guide to setting membership dues and non-dues fees.
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