Digital Marketing

Proven Online Solutions That Get Results

MGI’s digital department provides all-encompassing expert solutions that range from email campaigns to paid online media campaigns to organic social media campaigns, plus much more. Whatever your needs, we have the resources, expertise, and experience to deliver solutions on time and within budget.

As a full-service marketing agency, we apply proven direct marketing methodologies, including testing and tracking, to all our digital solutions.

Our online services include:

  • Lead Generation: We identify where your target audience can be found online and what they are searching for. Using testing and tracking, we find winning solutions that generate the most leads at a favorable cost per lead. We also develop effective content strategies and create custom microsites in conjunction with our proprietary IntelliLead® platform.
  • Member Acquisition: We work with you to show direct join ads across websites and social media channels that encourage people to join your association. We also run search engine marketing campaigns so that when your target audience searches for information related to your association, a direct join offer accompanies your ad.
  • Member Engagement: When your members are made aware of the value of your association’s key benefits and use them, renewal rates increase. To encourage engagement and drive traffic to your website, we create media calendars that promote your association's benefits online year-round.
  • Member Renewal: Grouping your audience into pre-expire, at-expire, and post-expire segments, we tailor messaging to each category. This tactic not only increases renewals, it moves members more quickly through the renewal process, eliminating additional touches and providing tangible cost savings.
  • Conference Promotion: We bring maximum exposure to your event using a range of online and social media options. From promoting early-bird discount campaigns to late-push special offers, we execute aggressive, targeted campaigns that tap into your best prospects and ensure you meet your registration goals.
  • Geofencing: We use this advanced location-based mobile advertising technology to set up custom targeting based on specific geographic areas. For example, we can target a rival conference and show your ads at that event to attract people to your event or other promotions. We work with you to identify events and locations that would benefit your marketing efforts.
  • Email: We send out millions of emails a year on behalf of our clients and run campaigns covering many different types of programs. Whether it’s testing multiple subject lines or audience segments, or sending unique messaging to select groups, we create, deploy, and evaluate results on a timely and uniform basis.
  • Social Media: We provide detailed analyses of your social media efforts to see what improvements, if any, are needed. We also create social media calendars, develop content and creative, schedule posts, and analyze how best to increase engagement with your audience.
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