Data Analytics

In-Depth Data Analysis That Provides Actionable Intelligence

MGI recognizes that every organization is unique and one-size-fits-all solutions rarely work, which is why we do not sell out-of-the-box database solutions or generic software. Instead, we combine the extensive knowledge of our tenured association marketing experts with the skills and experience of our data analysis professionals to deliver custom marketing intelligence solutions.

Our staff takes time to understand your organizational needs and uses their expertise to develop practical marketing intelligence frameworks you can use to meet your goals and grow your organization.

Our data services include:

  • Data Strategy: An audit of your current analytical and data capabilities-including data, systems, software, and human resources-identifies improvement opportunities and guides the formulation and implementation of an organization-wide data strategy.
  • Removal of Data Silos and Data Warehousing: By connecting your various data sources and systems, we can create a 360-degree view of a member, customer, or prospect that supports marketing and other organizational needs.
  • Member/Customer Personas: Using demographic, psychographic, and behavioral profiling, as well as segmentation, we help you better understand your members, customers, and prospects.
  • Member/Customer Engagement Scoring: By identifying drivers of engagement and renewal, we build custom scoring models based on those drivers to rank engagement and renewal likelihood.
  • Prospect Selection Modeling: Using various parametric, non-parametric, and machine learning predictive modeling techniques, we identify prospects most likely to join, renew, purchase, or take other actions.
  • Custom Data Visualization and Dashboards: Our at-a-glance visualization tools help you track progress and identify trends so you can make more informed decisions and meet your performance goals.
  • CASS, NCOA, Merge-Purge, and Email Validation: To ensure your data is ready for use, we provide indispensable data quality services that validate, cleanse, and de-duplicate your records.
  • Data Appends: Using a combination of public, private, and proprietary data sources, we can assist in filling in missing data in your records.
  • Custom Business Intelligence, Membership and Marketing Analytics, Predictive Modeling, and Machine Learning: Whatever data challenges your association faces, we offer custom options and proven solutions so you can achieve your marketing goals.
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