Data Analytics

Data is one of the most important assets an organization can possess, but only if it’s accessible, organized, interpretable, and can be used in meaningful ways.

Using a wide variety of industry-leading data analytics and modeling tools, including R, WEKA, Tableau, Rapidminer, Board, and MS SQL Server, MGI’s data analytics team provides exceptional insight into the critical factors that lie above as well as below an organization’s surface. Properly mining these rich, but often difficult to unearth, resources can have enormous influence on outcomes.

Some of the most valuable products we commonly employ for our clients include: demographic/psychographic/behavioral profiling; member/customer RFM, clustering, lifetime value, engagement, and renewal analyses; event/meeting attendance analysis; prospect selection modeling; transactional database analysis; and direct mail campaign optimization.

All of these tools help bring focus and lucidity to often complex environments and lay the foundations for successful membership marketing programs.

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