One Size Does Not Fit All Remaining Media Neutral for Best Results

The client was dubious. “Our members don’t use mail. They’re used to electronic everything. We don’t think mail will work as part of our renewal series.”

They agreed to test the inclusion of mail alongside email and Facebook advertising for one segment of our campaign target audience. If it didn’t move the needle, we wouldn’t repeat it.

So what was the result? The cell that received mail in addition to digital reminders responded seven points higher than the groups that did not.

Was that group’s cost per renewal higher? Yes, but the ROI was still positive with $12 made for every dollar spent.

When you consider the fact that according to the American Marketing Association, people are sending/receiving nearly 270 e-mails each day on average, the inclusion of mail helps ensure your message isn’t lost in the clutter.

Just consider what you yourself get in your inbox versus your physical mailbox in your office and home each day.

At MGI we call ourselves “media neutral.” What does that mean? It means we use our decades of experience marketing associations plus outside learning to develop the best mix of media for any one client and campaign.

Most of our campaigns are mixed channel, and it’s because we’ve proven that a marriage of media yields the best result.

One size marketing does not fit all.

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