Marketing General Incorporated Celebrates 40th Anniversary


Rick Whelan, CDM
Marketing General Incorporated
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Marketing General Incorporated Celebrates 40th Anniversary

ALEXANDRIA, VA—January 24, 2019—Marketing General Incorporated (MGI), a full-service membership marketing agency based since 1985 in Alexandria, VA, is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2019. MGI partners with associations to raise new membership counts, increase dues revenue and boost non-dues revenue streams. Helping membership organizations grow for 40 years, it is the largest association-focused direct marketing agency in North America.

“The countless close and enduring partnerships we have built with associations and non-profits since 1978 are the true hallmarks of the MGI story,” said MGI president Rick Whelan, CDM, who has represented the agency since 1986. “Since our founding, we have always strived to provide unsurpassed personal attention through our core values of teamwork, passion and leadership. I am so proud when I hear industry colleagues refer to us as a thought leader, a trusted resource or a preferred partner.”

In 2007, MGI developed its widely-recognized Membership Lifecycle, a five-step marketing model that segments the membership experience into successive steps by identifying the fundamental building blocks of sustainable growth. The agency has now published 10 annual Membership Marketing Benchmarking Reports, the only comprehensive research on the nature and performance of membership programs. Last year, MGI shared its Key Membership Marketing Formulas so all membership organizations could easily determine their membership marketing strengths and weaknesses.

MGI now has four decades of traditional direct mail experience blended with innovative digital marketing expertise, specializing in market research and data analytics of member behavior. “We compile and interpret data to reveal why people join and how they engage and then package these insights into marketing programs that grow revenue,” according to MGI senior vice president Tony Rossell, who created and developed the Membership Lifecycle. “By using proven marketing strategies and continually testing creative concepts that motivate prospects to take action, we convert them into loyal, long-term members.”

MGI has more than 100 clients in 16 states being served by nearly 75 employees with average employment tenure of 13 years. In 2019, MGI is planning to launch more product offerings, additional services and expanded outreach—including new marketing technologies and tools of its own creation—to meet and exceed its clients’ ongoing membership marketing challenges.


Marketing General Incorporated (MGI) is dedicated to helping membership organizations achieve sustainable growth and has recruited over four million new paid members for hundreds of clients that have accounted for more than $2 billion in lifetime dues and non-dues revenue. For more information, visit

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