Digital Marketing

IntelliLead®: The 7 Steps of Generating Leads Online and Converting Them to Members. MGI’s IntelliLead® Marketing System includes seven proven steps that go from planning the campaign to successfully recruiting new members.

Understanding Your Target Audience.

Direct response marketers analyze your member and prospect files to determine the best audience segments and where they congregate online. In addition, we conduct extensive keyword analysis to determine what types of searches the target audience is conducting online.

Developing Your Lead Generation Offer.

With many years of successful online lead generation campaigns, MGI knows what types of lead generation offers work best in the association space. Based on our audience research and your available resources, we discern what offers will provide the highest quality leads.

Putting Together Your Media Plan.

From search engine marketing to advertising on social media platforms to finding highly targeted online publications, we will work within your budget to provide the best outlets to test your lead generation offers and optimize your program for best results.

Building Your Campaign-Specific Microsite.

Based on MGI’s proprietary reporting platform, your microsite is designed to your brand standards and page layout is optimized to provide the highest conversion rates. Hosting your lead generation programs on MGI’s platform allows for tracking of all leads generated back to their original source, which provides unrivaled program optimization.

Working to Convert Your Leads to Members.

Once leads have been generated, we will employ a multi-touch, multichannel direct response campaign to turn your online leads into paying members.

Driving Members to Your Website to Join.

MGI will employ a recruitment campaign that drives all of the leads to your website so that the transactions take place on your website, with no additional work required on your part.

Analyzing Your New Members to Optimize Your Lead Generation Program.

MGI will perform a member matchback analysis and match your new member data back to the IntelliLead data and optimize your lead generation program around the lead sources that provided the best conversion to membership.

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