• Strategic Consulting

    MGI is adept at assessing, developing, and executing practical strategies that work. We work closely with our clients to evaluate their objectives and carefully tailor custom solutions based on realistic goals, innovative programs, and incomparable experience.

  • Research

    MGI’s research enables organizations to better understand member and customer needs, how to align their products and services to meet those needs, and ultimately build programs that lead to stronger, longer-lasting relationships.

  • Direct Marketing

    Direct marketing is at the heart of what we do for our clients every day. Using time-tested strategies along with a systematic process that is milestone-driven, the regime we practice is testable, measurable, adaptable, and personal…and highly successful in growing organizations.

  • List Management

    MGILists specializes in full-service management and marketing of largely non-profit, education, and healthcare association member lists. MGILists conditions, segments, packages, and promotes the lists.

  • Digital Marketing

    Whether it’s a simple series of cultivation emails or a sophisticated lead generation program, MGI uses digital marketing to maximize its membership marketing efforts. Our proprietary Intellilead® program uses respondent behavior to trigger communications that lead to closer engagement and conversion to membership.

  • Data Analytics

    MGI’s Data Analytics team employs proven database marketing techniques and innovative modeling methodologies to maximize return on investment, increase retention, minimize attrition, and improve marketing campaign profitability.