Case Study – ICF


Four months into its annual six-month renewal drive in 2020, ICF experienced a sharp decline in renewals, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. MGI partnered with ICF to quickly reverse this trend, with goals of achieving a 60% renewal rate by the end of the drive and a 70% renewal rate at year-end. After a thorough review of the program, MGI concluded that the renewal campaign had become diluted and off target. MGI identified several key issues that were hindering renewal rates, including passive-voiced and overly courteous language that failed to highlight the renewal call-to-action in messages to current members. MGI recommended quick action to correct these issues. With these interventions, ICF exceeded its 60% renewal rate objective by the end of the renewal drive and surpassed its 70% year-end goal by reaching a 78% renewal rate by month nine.

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