Case Study – AMA

Turning Acquisitions and Renewals Around

The American Motorcyclist Association membership is comprised of several unique segments—each with very different needs, expectations, and motivations for belonging to the organization. A one-size-fits-all communications and marketing approach had proven ineffective and AMA recognized that in order to gain traction with its members it had to start by better understanding them.

Research Puts a Face on Membership

AMA and MGI launched a two-pronged research program to find out what its members and others thought of the organization. An initial qualitative study using MGI’s Bulletin Board Focus Group (BBFG) paved the way for a larger, more in-depth quantitative Indispensability Survey.

For the BBFG, approximately 40 individuals were invited to participate in a three day, web-based discussion on a variety of association-relevant topics. Participants included current, former, and prospective members, as well as different rider types.

Based on the BBFG responses, a comprehensive follow-up survey was conducted with over 2,000 statistically valid responses providing indispensable guidance and direction for future marketing campaigns. This study explored factors influencing both the organization and its members: value proposition, membership drivers, incentives/disincentives, member challenges, member perceptions, and included many other areas of inquiry.

As a consequence of these two research efforts much more focused marketing and communications materials were developed for each rider segment. This in turn resulted in substantially improved renewal rates and more effective acquisition campaigns for each prospective audience.

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