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  • Reasons for Online Marketing.

    Here are a few reasons why, if you’re not online marketing or you are questionning the value of online marketing, you NEED to be online, marketing.

    a. Search marketing is about seizing opportunities. Every organization should maximize opportunities to engage potential members/ customers online that are actively searching for relevant services an organization provides by instituting a comprehensive search engine marketing strategy including paid search marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

    b. Marketing speed and agility are important competitive advantages, especially with today’s focus on costs. Online and search marketing allows for on-the-fly changes that save time and money.

    c. Unlike magazines and publications that publish ads on their own schedule say once per month, search is on your customer’s schedule, real-time, engaged in the “now.”

    d. Online marketing allows you to connect and engage with potential members when they’re receptive, when they’re ready to receive your orgs message.

    e. With search engine marketing your org will have the ability to target an audience on a country level all the way to a 10 mile radius within a specific metro area.