• MGI Tipster Volume 9, Issue 1

    January 7, 2010   |   Vol. 9   |   Issue 1 A New Year, A New Look … A Better Resource A message from MGI President Rick Whelan. This edition of the MGI Tipster™ marks a distinct change in direction—in appearance, content, and delivery. Associations and other member-driven organizations today are more attuned than ever to the fundamentals of good stewardship—recruiting […]

  • MGI Tipster Volume 1, Issue 21

    Defining Your Membership Value Proposition Membership organizations are realizing the importance of defining and communicating their membership value proposition like never before. That’s because in a tight economy every dollar is spent carefully. Members want a clear and concrete reason to join or continue their relationship with an organization. In essence an organization’s value proposition […]

  • MGI Tipster Volume 1, Issue 20

    Getting Your Membership Marketing in Shape To get an individual in optimum physical shape, a coach appropriately blends regularity, variety, intensity, and dietary controls. In the parlance of direct-response marketing, this is an integration of frequency with intensity, channels, and content. Just like in exercise, applying this concept can also get your membership marketing in […]

  • MGI Tipster Volume 1, Issue 19

    When Membership Staffs talk, CFOs should listen…for what they need to do their job! At the ASAE & The Center’s Annual Conference in Toronto, I was fortunate enough to participate on a panel of membership professionals and chief financial officers entitled Finding Common Ground in a Shifting Economy: When Membership and CFOs Unite! Here is […]

  • MGI Tipster Volume 1, Issue 18

    Top Five Findings from the Membership Marketing Benchmarking Survey This spring, Marketing General Incorporated (MGI) launched a survey designed to gain insight into the tactics and strategies that associations use to recruit members, engage new members, renew existing members, and reinstate former members. The goal was to better understand what tactics correlate with higher new […]

  • MGI Tipster Volume 1, Issue 17

    The Continuing Education Boom is Here. Is Your Association Ready to Cash In? Run through this marketing checklist and guide to make sure your association is prepared to meet the growing demands for professional development and continuing education programs. Finding ways to create non-dues revenue is a major challenge for many associations, particularly in the […]

  • MGI Tipster Volume 1, Issue 16

    Do you know how to become ‘indispensable’ to your members? Recently, an association was looking over results of a membership satisfaction survey. They discovered that 76% of their members gave a ‘satisfied’ or ‘highly satisfied’ rating. Not too bad. Then they looked at the satisfaction rating given by former members. Seventy-six percent of their former […]

  • MGI Tipster Volume 1, Issue 15

    Do you know how to attract International Members? Reaching prospective members outside of the United States has always been a challenge. Language, time zone, and currency issues have dissuaded many in the past from actively pursuing prospects in other countries. However, globalization and technology are breaking down barrier. For many organizations international prospects represent fertile […]

  • MGI Tipster Volume 1, Issue 14

    Postal rates are increasing, keep your discounts! In order to qualify for postal presort discounts after November 23, 2008, the United States Postal Service will require that all Standard, Non-Profit, and presorted First-Class Mail have destination addresses updated and verified using approved USPS software within 95 days of the mail date. At this writing the […]

  • MGI Tipster Volume 1, Issue 13

    Do you know…maintaining a top-notch website is crucial to the ongoing success of your organization’s marketing efforts? More and more, it is imperative to understand your industry’s online landscape and to find ways to distance your organization from those competing against you online. To keep your site running at peak performance, you should: Map Your […]

  • MGI Tipster Volume 1, Issue 12

    Do you know…copy, and creative, and how are they built and how do they support your messaging? Copy and creative are key elements of the personality your association or organization presents to members, clients, and the world at large. The words you choose and the images you select tell a lot about who you are. […]

  • MGI Tipster Volume 1, Issue 11

    Do you know…that building your organization’s ‘brand’ and brand identity could also help you acquire and retain members and customers? HOW DO YOU BEGIN BUILDING A BRAND? First, you need to take a hard look at what you’re trying to sell through your brand—your pricing, benefits / features, saturation of your universe and possible new […]