• MGI Tipster – Volume 12, Issue 8

    August 15, 2013   |   Vol. 12   |   Issue 8 Complementary Research: Qualitative and Quantitative Inquiry Research can be a great tool for membership organizations. When the proper questions are asked, ones that are relevant to association needs, the answers can be revealing, sometimes surprising, and powerful tools for needed change. Researchers gathering information about associations and other membership organizations […]

  • MGI Tipster – Volume 12, Issue 7

    July 16, 2013   |   Vol. 12   |   Issue 7 Writing the Sales Letter When membership marketing mail solicitations succeed, it’s because all of the package elements work together seamlessly: the carrier envelope entices prospects to open it, the letter convinces them to join, and the reply/order form pushes prospects to take action. In each of these elements, copy is […]

  • MGI Tipster – Volume 12, Issue 6

    June 11, 2013   |   Vol. 12   |   Issue 6 2013 Benchmarking Report confirms associations gained strength The majority of membership organizations that were hit hard by the 2009 global economic meltdown have continued their slow but steady 4-year recovery into the first quarter of this year. More than half of those surveyed in early 2013 reported increased total member […]

  • MGI Tipster – Volume 12, Issue 5

    May 14, 2013   |   Vol. 12   |   Issue 5 The importance of Data Analytics Do you know … Who are your most valuable members and customers? Which engagement activities are tied to higher renewal rates? Your renewal rates by member type, segment, and tenure? Would you like answers but can’t get them because data is spread across databases and […]

  • MGI Tipster – Volume 12, Issue 4

    April 18, 2013   |   Vol. 12   |   Issue 4 The Membership Dashboard and how to use it It may be trite but it’s tried and true: to know where you are going, you have to know where you are and where you’ve been. This age-old adage certainly applies to membership organizations. By their very nature—and as a matter of […]

  • MGI Tipster – Volume 12, Issue 3

    March 7, 2013   |   Vol. 12   |   Issue 3 Fundamentals of Building Corporate Partnerships It’s a common perception that the largest and savviest associations do it best. In fact, with proper guidance almost any membership organization can do it, too: Develop highly productive and lucrative corporate partnerships that enhance the corporation’s image and expand the benefits an organization is […]

  • MGI Tipster – Volume 12, Issue 2

    February 14, 2013   |   Vol. 12   |   Issue 2 To Recruit and Keep Members, Speak to What They Value It’s benefits—not features—that members really want. They generally don’t care what an organization has. It’s what members get from an organization that’s important. If what they get suits their needs then they have found something of value. If valued, benefits […]

  • MGI Tipster – Volume 12, Issue 1

    January 15, 2013   |   Vol. 12   |   Issue 1 An Easy-to-Use Tool for Creating Your Marketing Plan The start of the New Year is a good time to take a fresh look at your marketing plan to make sure you are on target. To help with this process, we have created an easy to use tool that incorporates the […]

  • MGI Tipster – Volume 11, Issue 12

    December 18, 2012   |   Vol. 11   |   Issue 12 Supporting Awards Programs: Answer Five Questions Before You Seek Sponsorship Awards programs can be a centerpiece of an association’s public persona, its brand, and its community goodwill. Awards are altruistic. They honor the deserving and call attention to the deeds that an organization values most. Done well, awards ceremonies and […]

  • MGI Tipster – Volume 11, Issue 11

    November 15, 2012   |   Vol. 11   |   Issue 11 The Components of a Communications Audit One of the most challenging and ongoing aspects of association management is staying in touch with members and projecting an association’s institutional persona in a proper and effective way. How much messaging is too little or too much? How are messages best conveyed? How […]

  • MGI Tipster – Volume 11, Issue 10

    October 16, 2012   |   Vol. 11   |   Issue 10 Five Keys to Planning Your 2013 Membership Recruitment Efforts Before you know it, it’s that time of year again … time to start planning your membership recruitment efforts for the new year, 2013. If you pace your work over several weeks and pay attention to deadlines, your first acquisition of […]

  • MGI Tipster – Volume 11, Issue 9

    September 13, 2012   |   Vol. 11   |   Issue 9 Super Hints Revealed – Part 2 Last month we introduced our readers to the first of two MGI Tipster installments summarizing a newly published booklet by MGI Senior Vice President Raylene Kershaw titled 100 Super Hints Revealed, a compilation of direct membership marketing ideas. You are invited to download 100 […]