• Move off the Farm and Know What’s in Your Silos with a Data Warehouse

    In agriculture, a silo is a structure used for storing bulk materials, typically grain, woodchips, food products, etc. Imagine that you are a farm owner and you don’t know what crop or quantity of crop is stored in your silos or how long that crop has been stored. This could lead to an economic disaster for you as a farm owner! Imagine that the farm owner is the CEO of an organization and that the CEO’s crops are data. Just consider now that the CEO doesn’t know what type of data is in his silos, what is contained in that data, the quantity of the data, and what insights can be mined from that data. The CEO would be missing vital knowledge and insights that could help the business perform more efficiently, increase sales, allow for more effective targeting, and ultimately affect whether or not the business is successful or unsuccessful!

  • Implementing Channel Integration for Better Response

    Many associations see online and mail recruitment efforts as mutually exclusive. Organizations will often rotate between email and direct mail campaigns in their acquisition efforts.

    Interspersing standalone mail and email campaigns can prove cost efficient, and it enables you to avoid exhausting any one medium with your prospect base.

  • Leveraging Online Tools to Increase Event Registration

    Conference registration is often a significant revenue source for associations, as well as an effective means of building organizational awareness and acquiring new members. But if you aren’t incorporating search engine and social media marketing into your outreach strategy, you are leaving revenue on the table.

  • Leads. Three Facts to Know.

    One of the great advantages of working in Membership Marketing is the opportunity to investigate marketing techniques I have never taken the time to fully understand. So, this confession: I have avoided leads.

  • Effective Email Marketing

    In today’s online world, there are many options available to reach your targeted audience. Hidden among the more recent and flashy online marketing innovations is email marketing. Often email marketing is considered the antique or dinosaur of the bunch. Despite its less than appealing appearance to many, it should NOT be ignored. If used correctly, it is still one of the most economical and effective of the various tools available to online marketers today.

  • Who Are Your Members?

    This year’s Tipsters have explored a variety of topics to help association and other membership professionals do a better job of defining value proposition, optimizing marketing, converting to inbound marketing, deploying cost-effective online remarketing, and more. Now, let’s take a step back to look at the same picture through different lenses.

  • Time for a Mid-Year Marketing Review!

    Your marketing efforts are only successful when they generate new revenue at an effective rate of return. Most important is that you are looking at the results and making adjustments—while there is still time to impact 2015 results. We still have half the year to review and alter any plans before the end of the year. It’s not too late to improve your 2015 marketing results.

  • Optimized Membership Marketing Through Behavior

    Behavioral information has always been a cornerstone of membership marketing. When we select data for campaigns as marketers, there is implied behavior in the different files we use. Here are some examples of the types of data we use when setting up membership campaigns…