• Membership Marketing Data: Don’t Let Imperfection Immobilize Your Program

    How do you know when you have enough data on membership to make a decision?

    Does data imperfection stop you from reaching out for more members, better renewal programs, more effective engagement communications, and even from spending budget on a new member drive? Instead, do you put that budget and staff energy into getting perfect data to drive your decisions?

    We market membership in a world that has convinced us that perfect data is achievable. But even with “supertools” like data warehousing, big data, data analytics, Association Management Systems, CRM, dashboards, and more, data perfection always seems just out of reach. In more than a few client engagements, I have watched tests, campaigns, and full-year programs get tabled because the data was not flawless.

    At MGI, we take a different approach to data. Instead of perfect or imperfect, we try to focus our own and our clients’ decisions on sufficient or insufficient data.

  • Marketing Your Certifications

    For organizations that offer them, professional certifications can be an important element of the value proposition they offer to the professionals within their industry. Here are 5 tips to think about when marketing your certification program.

  • Learn How Associations Drive Innovation

    What are the characteristics that define innovative associations?

    That’s the question Marketing General Incorporated (MGI), in conjunction with the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), decided to ask professionals in the association world.

    Building on qualitative research conducted by Amanda Kaiser, MGI launched an online survey in May 2016 and invited association professionals to share their thoughts on a variety of innovation-related issues facing their organizations.

  • Does Your Association Have a #MillennialMindset?

    Does your organization have a strategy to target millennials? Engaging young people at the start of their careers has become a huge challenge for many MGI clients—in fact, in our 2016 MGI benchmarking report, several participants suggested “aging membership,&rdquo “reaching millennials,&rdquo and “engaging younger potential members&rdquo keeps them up at night. Nonetheless, young professionals and students are the future of your industry—it’s crucial to capture potential members at the start of their careers and retain them for a life-long and positive relationship.

  • Successful Telemarketing

    Membership Engagement Fact: The more two-way communications an organization has, the more engaged members will be. Parents, classroom teachers, and astute associations all know this.

  • Tips on Telemarketing

    MGI is pleased to announce that two veterans in the association telemarketing field have joined our team. Tim Butte and Charity Moody have over 30 years combined experience and will assist MGI’s clients with our expanded teleservices division. July’s Tipster is a conversation with Tim on a few of the rewards and challenges of telemarketing.

  • Move off the Farm and Know What’s in Your Silos with a Data Warehouse

    In agriculture, a silo is a structure used for storing bulk materials, typically grain, woodchips, food products, etc. Imagine that you are a farm owner and you don’t know what crop or quantity of crop is stored in your silos or how long that crop has been stored. This could lead to an economic disaster for you as a farm owner! Imagine that the farm owner is the CEO of an organization and that the CEO’s crops are data. Just consider now that the CEO doesn’t know what type of data is in his silos, what is contained in that data, the quantity of the data, and what insights can be mined from that data. The CEO would be missing vital knowledge and insights that could help the business perform more efficiently, increase sales, allow for more effective targeting, and ultimately affect whether or not the business is successful or unsuccessful!

  • Implementing Channel Integration for Better Response

    Many associations see online and mail recruitment efforts as mutually exclusive. Organizations will often rotate between email and direct mail campaigns in their acquisition efforts.

    Interspersing standalone mail and email campaigns can prove cost efficient, and it enables you to avoid exhausting any one medium with your prospect base.

  • Association TRENDS Names MGI President Rick Whelan Association Partner of the Year

    More than 500 association professionals—including executive directors, CFOs, and senior leadership—gathered in Washington, DC, to honor select members of the association community for their professionalism, leadership, and commitment. Among this year’s honorees at the Association TRENDS Salute to Association Excellence awards event was Marketing General Incorporated President Rick Whelan, who was named Association Partner of […]