• MGI Tipster Volume 1, Issue 14

    Postal rates are increasing, keep your discounts! In order to qualify for postal presort discounts after November 23, 2008, the United States Postal Service will require that all Standard, Non-Profit, and presorted First-Class Mail have destination addresses updated and verified using approved USPS software within 95 days of the mail date. At this writing the […]

  • MGI Tipster Volume 1, Issue 13

    Do you know…maintaining a top-notch website is crucial to the ongoing success of your organization’s marketing efforts? More and more, it is imperative to understand your industry’s online landscape and to find ways to distance your organization from those competing against you online. To keep your site running at peak performance, you should: Map Your […]

  • MGI Tipster Volume 1, Issue 12

    Do you know…copy, and creative, and how are they built and how do they support your messaging? Copy and creative are key elements of the personality your association or organization presents to members, clients, and the world at large. The words you choose and the images you select tell a lot about who you are. […]

  • MGI Tipster Volume 1, Issue 11

    Do you know…that building your organization’s ‘brand’ and brand identity could also help you acquire and retain members and customers? HOW DO YOU BEGIN BUILDING A BRAND? First, you need to take a hard look at what you’re trying to sell through your brand—your pricing, benefits / features, saturation of your universe and possible new […]

  • MGI Tipster Volume 1, Issue 10

    Do you know…what your members and customers are thinking about your association and its benefits, products and services? Isn’t it amazing when Hollywood spends millions of dollars producing a movie that is an absolute flop? And you think to yourself, “I could have told them that a story line like that would never make it.” […]

  • MGI Tipster Volume 1, Issue 9

    Do you know…how database marketing, contact management, data warehousing, and CRM work and what they do? They’re all proven methods and techniques to increase engagement between associations and the communities they serve. They are designed to improve the number and quality of contacts, increase customer loyalty, and give the greatest return on an association’s communications […]

  • MGI Tipster Volume 1, Issue 8

    Do you know…renewals are the foundation for membership success? Nothing is more important to an association than an efficient and effective member renewal program. Dues through renewals are a primary income source. But just as important, renewal rates mirror an association’s success in other areas too. How many members renew reflects their satisfaction with the […]

  • MGI Tipster Volume 1, Issue 7

    Do you know…the significant impact the Lifetime Value (LTV) of your members has on your organization? When I visit clients or prospective clients, ultimately the topic of ‘Member Lifetime Value’ comes up. While some of us who have been ‘around for a while’ understand this, it can still be a fairly new—and confusing—concept to many […]

  • MGI Tipster Volume 1, Issue 6

    Do you know…no matter how large or small your organization, public relations can be an important component of your marketing and communications plan? Organizations, from small volunteer groups to large non-profits and for-profit businesses, often neglect public relations. Public relations’ impact can be difficult to quantify and may not result in direct revenue the way […]

  • MGI Tipster Volume 1, Issue 5

    Do you know…There are five key benchmarks for a membership program that can be presented on a ‘Membership Dashboard?’ The ASAE & the Center for Association Leadership in the book 7 Measures of Success documented that remarkable associations collect and use data to build success. One measurement tool that is fundamental, but is not fully […]

  • MGI Tipster Volume 1, Issue 4

    Do you know…the basics of direct marketing success? Sometimes it’s smart to get back to basics.This month we offer a quick review of some direct marketing fundamentals and how they work to build successful membership and product growth. Why direct marketing? Because… The economics are precise: you know what it costs and you know what […]

  • MGI Tipster Volume 1, Issue 3

    Do you know…the first formula of a membership program? THE MEMBERSHIP FORMULA Last week, while on the train going from Washington, DC, to New York City with a colleague,we reviewed a presentation that I was to make to a new client. After all was said and done,my colleague reintroduced me to the value of a […]