Rick Whelan Named Association TRENDS 2016 Association Partner of the Year

Rick Whelan, president of Marketing General Incorporated (MGI), has been selected as the Association TRENDS 2016 Partner of the Year. Whelan has more than 35 years of marketing experience and joined MGI in 1986. He has been MGI’s president since 1998.

Under Rick Whelan’s innovative leadership, MGI has grown each year. He says, “MGI stands for Many Great Individuals,” and attributes the company’s success to the basic concept of teamwork. Every project begins with a team of first-class marketers, all supporting each other as they develop the most effective membership marketing strategies for each association client.

Currently, MGI has 125 clients in 16 states and Washington, DC. Industry figures show that associations remain with their marketing vendor for an average of five years. Most of MGI’s clients have been with the company for ten years or more – some for even 15 and 20 years.

Whelan emphasizes and encourages professional development and continuing education. MGI staff include 10 Certified Direct Marketers (CDM); six Certified Electronic Marketers (CEM); and the first industry vendor to earn the Certified Association Executive (CAE) from ASAE. In addition, many of MGI’s 70+ employees are frequent speakers at industry events and authors of numerous articles in trade publications and chapters in marketing books.

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