MGI Tipster Volume 9, Issue 1

January 7, 2010   |   Vol. 9   |   Issue 1

A New Year, A New Look … A Better Resource

A message from MGI President Rick Whelan.

This edition of the MGI Tipster™ marks a distinct change in direction—in appearance,
content, and delivery.

Associations and other member-driven organizations today are more attuned than ever to the fundamentals of good stewardship—recruiting and retaining members. We recognized a growing need for an online resource that serves as a clearinghouse for those responsible for growing and cultivating their organization’s membership base and we believe the MGI Tipster will serve as that resource.

As we begin our ninth year publishing the monthly Tipster, we have updated our design and presentation to make them more reader friendly. The new Tipster now offers a selection of topics chosen for their relevance to membership growth. We have also shifted the Tipster’s focus by framing reports within the context of the MGI Membership Lifecycle™.

The MGI Membership Lifecycle distills membership development into five steps:

  • Awareness—when prospects first discover you
  • Recruitment—when prospects choose to try you
  • Engagement—when new members feel they belong with you
  • Renewal—when lapsing members decide whether to keep you
  • Reinstatement—when former members agree to return to you.

Using the Lifecycle as the framework, Tipster content will be selected and segmented so you can easily focus on topics of greatest interest.

In each monthly issue our goal will be to sort through the clutter, to identify and deliver the latest ideas and best practices, and offer real-world examples of membership-related thinking—with convenient links so you can directly access original sources online.

We trust you will find the new MGI Tipster informative, insightful, and above all … helpful. Your comments are encouraged. Have a great 2010!

Rick Whelan
Rick Whelan
MGI President The MGI Membership Lifecycle

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