MGI Tipster Volume 1, Issue 13

Do you know…maintaining a top-notch website is crucial to the ongoing success of your organization’s marketing efforts?

More and more, it is imperative to understand your industry’s online landscape and to find ways to distance your organization from those competing against you online.

To keep your site running at peak performance, you should:

  1. Map Your Online Landscape
  2. Conduct Regular Audits and Analysis
  3. Review Data and Develop Recommendations

Website’s give an impression of quality and set expectations at the onset of most business relationships. As marketers, we must ensure this initial interaction provides a solid foundation instead of letting the first step happen on shaky ground.

Striking the balance between dedicated technical, content, and creative elements will increase your ability to fulfill your target users’ interests. This establishes solid relationships from the onset helping build your membership, increase your revenue, and develop longer-term retention of existing members.


See where you stand in your industry by employing regular:

  1. Audits – Objectively graded comparative evaluations of your main public-facing website’s, those of your key competition, and other notable sites related to your industry.
  2. Analysis – Subjective sense of success of overall ‘look-and-feel’ of the site from an end-user perspective incorporating website surveys, structured usability testing, and qualitative analysis (like focus groups).
  3. Reviews – Detailed SWOT analysis of findings designed to identify the fundamental strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats your site faces among your online competition.
  4. Recommendations – Strategic suggestions gleaned from all data to help a website maintain its standing as a top performer.

Want details? Review our Online Audit Micro-site for more information and online samples of our website designs and online reports.

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